Queens Exchange - Code of Conduct

Five Line Staff, LLC DBA Queens Exchange -  Code of Conduct

Effective Date: November 15, 2023 

To ensure a positive, enjoyable, and family-friendly shopping experience for all, we kindly ask our customers to adhere to the following Code of Conduct:

  • Respectful Behavior:
        1. Treat fellow customers, store employees, and property with respect and courtesy.
        2. Avoid disruptive or offensive behavior that may disturb others.
        3. Do not tamper with store infrastructure and furniture
  • Dress Appropriately:
        1. Wear attire that is suitable for a family-friendly environment.
        2. Avoid any form of indecent exposure.
  • Language and Communication:
        1. Refrain from using offensive language, profanity, or engaging in any form of verbal abuse.
        2. Communicate with store employees and fellow customers in a respectful manner.
  • Queue Etiquette:
        1. Respect the queue system and wait your turn patiently.
        2. Follow any designated lines or markings for orderly waiting.
  • Payment and Transactions:
        1. Adhere to all payment policies and guidelines.
        2. Avoid attempting to use counterfeit currency or engage in fraudulent activities.
  • Safety and Hygiene:
        1. Comply with all safety measures, including but not limited to mask-wearing and social distancing when requested. 
        2. Dispose of trash in designated bins and help keep the store clean.
  • Merchandise Handling:
        1. Handle merchandise with care and refrain from damaging or defacing products.
        2. Seek assistance from store employees for product demonstrations or inquiries.
        3. Avoid eating while handling merchandise and ensure clean hands
        4. Use the dressing room to try on or adjust any article of clothing
  • Dressing Room Etiquette:
        1. Request dressing room assistance from staff
        2. Limited to 5 articles of clothing per session
        3. Limited to 1 person in dressing room per session
        4. Limited to 15 minutes per session
        5. Return unwanted merchandise to staff for re-stock
  • Security and Loss Prevention:
        1. Avoid engaging in any form of theft or shoplifting.
        2. Report any suspicious behavior or security concerns to store management.
        3. There are multiple cameras throughout the store
  • Compliance with Policies:
        1. Follow all store policies, including return and exchange policies.
        2. Comply with any specific guidelines or rules posted within the store premises.
  • Children and Supervision:
        1. Supervise children to ensure their safety and prevent any disruption.
        2. Use designated areas for strollers if available.
  • Photography and Recording:
        1. Obtain written consent from the store owner before recording or taking photographs inside the store.
        2. Respect the privacy of other customers and employees.
  • No Loitering or Soliciting:
        1. Refrain from loitering on store premises.
        2. Do not engage in solicitation activities within the store or in its immediate surroundings.
  • Feedback and Concerns:
        1. Share feedback or address concerns with store management in a constructive manner verbally or via qnsxchange@gmail.com 
        2. Avoid spreading false information about the store or its products.
  • Compliance with Laws:
        1. Abide by all local, state, and federal laws while on store premises.
        2. Report any illegal activities to store management or law enforcement.
  • Code of Conduct Violations:

    1. Customers found in violation of this Code of Conduct may be subject to refusal of service, removal from the premises, and other appropriate actions.
  • Amendments to the Code of Conduct:
      1. Five Line Staff, LLC DBA Queens Exchange reserves the right to amend this Code of Conduct at any time. Customers will be notified of any changes, and the updated policy will be posted in a conspicuous location within the store.

    By entering Five Line Staff, LLC DBA Queens Exchange, customers agree to abide by this Code of Conduct and contribute to the creation of a positive and welcoming shopping environment. 

    Thank you for choosing Five Line Staff, LLC DBA Queens Exchange for your shopping and consignment needs!

    About Queens Exchange

    I grew up in Queens, NY with an appreciation for art and street fashion.

    I moved to Thousand Oaks with my family in 2021. In 2023 I decided to pursue my dream of opening Queens Exchange.

    My vision is to create a space where fashion is an expression, community is always present and you have an opportunity to inspire each other.

    Our main business is buying, trading, consigning and selling new and pre-owned clothing, accessories, art and more.

    We also support women owned businesses by providing a space to meet, run a workshop, or a special event.

    You'll always find a friendly face, a great deal or a fun event to attend.

    Come check us out during business hours or follow us on Instagram for the latest updates on items, news and events.



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