Queens Exchange In- Store Recording Policy

Five Line Staff, LLC DBA Queens Exchange - Store Recording Policy

Effective Date: November 15, 2023


This policy outlines the guidelines and requirements for customers seeking to record or create content within the premises of Five Line Staff, LLC D/B/A Queens Exchange. Recording includes, but is not limited to, audio recording, video recording, photography, and live streaming using any capturing device.

  1. General Recording Prohibition:

Customers are prohibited from recording or creating content within the store premises without the express written consent of the store owner.

Written consent may be requested from the store owner by sending an email to: qnsxchange@gmail.com 

  1. Request for Recording:

Customers wishing to record or create content inside Five Line Staff, LLC D/B/A Queens Exchange must submit a formal email request for written consent 48-hours before the event. This request should be directed to the store owner @ qnsxchange@gmail.com and include the following details and disclosures:

  • Names of personnel and/or business involved
  • Purpose of the recording
  • Date and time of the recording and publishing
  • Specific areas of the store involved
  • Any equipment to be used
  • What the intended use of the recording will be published
  • Links to publishing points
  • Credit to Five Line Staff, LLC D/B/A Queens Exchange will be included in the form of written credits, hashtags, links, or handles where applicable. 
  1. Granting or Denial of Request:

The store owner reserves the right to grant or deny any request for recording within the store premises. The decision will be communicated to the customer in writing within a reasonable time frame.

  1. Conditions for Approval:

If the store owner approves a request for recording, the following conditions may apply:

  • The recording must not disrupt normal business operations.
  • The customer must comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Any equipment used for recording must be non-intrusive and not disturb other customers or employees.
  • Employees will not be recorded, asked to record and not required or asked to participate in the recording without a negotiated rate of compensation in place to be paid by the requester. 
  1. Use of Recorded Content:

Customers who obtain written consent for recording within Five Line Staff, LLC D/B/A Queens Exchange are allowed to use the recorded content for personal purposes only. Any commercial use or distribution of the recorded content without additional written consent from the store owner is strictly prohibited.

  1. Violation Consequences:

Any violation of this recording policy may result in the immediate cessation of recording activities and may lead to further legal action.

  1. Amendments to the Policy:

Five Line Staff, LLC D/B/A Queens Exchange reserves the right to amend this recording policy at any time. Customers will be notified of any changes, and the updated policy will be posted in a conspicuous location within the store.

By entering Five Line Staff, LLC D/B/A Queens Exchange, customers agree to abide by this recording policy and acknowledge that failure to comply may result in the denial of recording requests and other appropriate actions.

Please note that Five Line Staff, LLC D/B/A Queens Exchange is committed to ensuring the privacy and security of its customers and employees. This policy is designed to maintain a safe and enjoyable shopping environment for everyone.

About Queens Exchange

I grew up in Queens, NY with an appreciation for art and street fashion.

I moved to Thousand Oaks with my family in 2021. In 2023 I decided to pursue my dream of opening Queens Exchange.

My vision is to create a space where fashion is an expression, community is always present and you have an opportunity to inspire each other.

Our main business is buying, trading, consigning and selling new and pre-owned clothing, accessories, art and more.

We also support women owned businesses by providing a space to meet, run a workshop, or a special event.

You'll always find a friendly face, a great deal or a fun event to attend.

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