Thousand Oaks, Ventura County Spring Cleaning Options

Thousand Oaks, Ventura County Spring Cleaning Options

Spring cleaning is just around the corner—the season where we declutter our belongings in hopes to gain some solace. However, minimizing our possessions—especially our clothing—can be a challenge. The first step itself is daunting: opening the doors to an overflowing closet that has vintage sweaters that haven’t been worn in twelve years, a new and unworn pair of boots, and the dress that never even made it to that one bachelorette party. After a long sigh, you ask yourself, “What on earth am I going to do with all of these clothes?” 

Of course you’ve heard of this option: bag everything and drop it off at Salvation Army or Goodwill and ask for a receipt for your tax-deductible $1,000+ donation that you will store in a drawer until the following tax season. While this might be the most feasible option for some, it is not the only option. There are many places where you can take unused or unwanted clothing, such as these local mission-based non-profits: Many Mansions and James Storehouse.

  1. Located in Thousand Oaks, CA, Many Mansions provides housing for low-income Southern California residents. They have a program called “In-Kind Giving,” wherein they welcome solicited gifts that support their goals in helping families in need. If you want to give a solicited donation, you can contact Angie Milne at 805-496-4948 ex. 259.

  2. Located in Newbury Park, CA, James Storehouse is a 501(c)(3) serving children and youth in foster care "from cribs to college." Their mission is to break multi-generational cycles of abuse, neglect, and poverty with essential resources and supportive relationships. They are always seeking donations of new or gently-used clothing for children and young adults ages 0-26 years old.

  3. Here at Queens Exchange, we offer to bring unwanted or unsold items to give back to the community and those in need. Sometimes Consignors decide to donate their items after the selling period has expired and other times Sellers will donate items that we do not purchase or take in for Store Credit. These items are distributed to non profits within the community to distribute - making it into the hands of those in need. 

Aside from donating, there are two other great options that result in you earning some extra cash. You can sell your clothes by consigning them or through Buy Out Right (BOR) with Queens Exchange. If you have clothes that you are interested in bringing in, you can schedule an appointment with us on our website. We carefully go through each item and make selections based on condition, style, brand, and more. To learn more about consigning with us, check out our Consignment Agreement

Beginning in mid-March 2024, Queens Exchange will also utilize BOR. After reviewing your items, we will offer to “Buy Out Right” select items. This means that rather than getting your money after the item sells (consigning), you will get your money on the spot: 25% of the selling price via check or direct deposit or 50% of the selling price as a store gift card. (Luxury items are not eligible for our BOR service.)

There’s no need to wait another year before going through that overflowing closet. Make this spring season the one where you achieve your tidying goals and give to others in the process. There truly are options out there for everyone and for every unwanted item. Your donation to families in need, domestic abuse survivors, or our Angel Account is a way to give back to the community. And the pieces that you bring in for consignment and BOR will not only give you extra spending cash, but will make you proud for supporting sustainable fashion and allowing your beloved item to become a hand-me-down to a sister from another mister who will rock it with so much confidence.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

This blog was written by Ryanna Hammond, Poet and Novelist, Nature Lover and a Thousand Oaks local. To learn more about Ryanna and her amazing work - follow her on Instagram @itsryannahammond.

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